Coconut Shell Charcoal Briquettes

Coconut shell charcoal briquette is a product derived from coconut shell charcoal. Coconut shell charcoal briquettes are widely used for various needs, such as for purposes of shisha, barbecue, cooking, and some other heating needs. Its natural, odorless, smokeless and “healthy” characteristic are the reasons for people to choose coconut shell charcoal briquettes to meet their fuel needs.

In addition, coconut shell charcoal briquettes, is the most environmentally friendly fuel. Because it is made from natural coconut shell material, which is a waste of processing of coconuts into copra. Coconut shell charcoal briquette is made with  appropriate technology without using any chemical additives. It could produce high enough calories. According lab test results show an average of over 7,000 calories.

We produce coconut shell charcoal briquette with good quality, with a wide variety of shapes, sizes and to meet the various needs. If you want to know more about our coconut shell charcoal briquettes products, please feel free to contact us.



are smokeless and odorless, be other advantages, compared with other briquette product.

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